First Responder Unit
First Responder Unit  (Subdued)
First Responder Unit  (Section 3)
Metro Airport Authority
Metro Airport Authority - Badge Patch
Metro Airport Authority Dulles National
Metro Carrier Safety Unit
District of Columbia - Metro  (Capitol City)
DC Metro - Badge Patch (Subdued)
DC Metro - Airport Authority
DC Metro - Air Support Unit
DC Metro - Bicycle Patrol
DC Metro - Cadet
DC Metro - Canine Corps
DC Metro - Canine Corps  (Old)
DC Metro - Counter Sniper (Subdued)
DC Metro - Death City
DC Metro - K9 Search & Recovery
DC Metro - SOD K9 Explosives Detection
DC Metro - Mobile Operations Division
DC Metro - Underwater Search & Recovery
Southwest Washington  (Swat) (Subdued)
Depart. of Corrections  (Correctional Officer)
DEA/MPD Redrum MATF 38
Police Memorial Pipes and Drums - 2001
Police Memorial Pipes and Drums - 2006